A Simple Itinerary for Your Semarang Travel Guide

A semarang travel guide should be able to compress everything the city has into one all-inclusive itinerary that offers you a chance to enjoy Indonesia’s fifth most populous city in a more well-arranged trip. Semarang is a low-key city that is surprisingly quite complete for its proportion despite enjoying a less than average exposure in terms of tourism. With that being said, however, it does not mean that the city bears no risks for you to get confused or lost. This is especially true if you are a first-timer; the city, while relatively small in size and less urban, is packed with landmarks and buildings. So a simple travel guide should be able to get you out of any possible risks of getting lost in the middle of nowhere.


The presence of semarang travel guide attractions will be able to direct you to the city’s most popular spots of interest and the ones that are less blown up, especially those that are exposed just recently. The guide should also be able to direct you away from one spots in case that particular spot has already been crowded with people. Unless you want to rub shoulder with other fellow tourists, you need to find some other spots to visit. Said guide comprises enough information for tourists to find alternatives should one of the items on their itinerary is too flooded by people to feel comfortable to be around.

Complete semarang travel guide info must encompass Semarang spots of interest, right from the city’s landmarks, culinary centers, and down to its most urban and modern facilities. Having been able to cover the city on these points, your Semarang holiday should be complete. Granted, there are still spots in the city that are less renowned yet are still worth the visit but that is only if the time permitted. You need to cover the top most recommended sites first before moving on to others of smaller recognition. Here is the breakdown of a typical Semarang holiday itinerary:

  1. Culinary spots:
  2. Tahu gimbal (tofu fritters served in a sauce of shrimp-paste),
  3. Lumpia (fried roll with bamboo shoots filling),
  4. Gudegkoyor (traditional dish of beef fats cooked in coconut-based mixture),
  5. Soto Pak Man (Semarang-style chicken soup),
  6. Sop buntut Pak Supar (a soup dish made of cow’s tail bone),
  7. Mie kopyok (a noodle dish), and
  8. Gulekambing (Semarang-style goat curry).
  9. Top Semarang attractions to cover in one day
  10. Sam Poo Kong Temple,
  11. LawangSewu,
  12. Great Mosque of Central Java,
  13. Old Town,
  14. Souvenirs
  15. Bandeng presto,
  16. Lumpia,
  17. Wingkobabat,
  18. Kampung Semarang.
  19. Shopping centers
  20. Transmart,
  21. DP Mall,
  22. Java Mall,
  23. PlasaSimpang Lima,
  24. Ciputra Mall,
  25. Paragon Mall.
  26. Other interesting points of interest
  27. Water Blaster,
  28. Cimory on the Valley,
  29. ElingBening,
  30. CurugBenowo,
  31. Brown Canyon,
  32. Grand Maerakaca.

There are hotels in Semarang featuring an infinity pool and other restaurants in the city sport old-style architectural design.


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